himac centrifuges search system

You can search system configurations, including centrifuges,
rotors, tubes/bottles and accessories, based on your required
volume of centrifuge tubes/bottles.

In the keyword search, you can find the following content.

Centrifuge Model,Part No.
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Tube/Bottle/Microplate Name,Part No.
Adaptor Name,Part No.
Cap Name,Part No.
Bucket Name,Part No.

Select centrifugal conditions

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Select types of centrifuges

Type of setting Cooling function

Select types of rotors

Select purpose of centrifugation

  • Material Science
  • Life Science
ローター種類 特徴 遠心分離法
分離沈殿法 沈降速度法 沈降平均法
Fixed angle rotor XXXに最適 ×
Swinging bucket rotor XXXに最適 ×
Neo angle rotor XXXに最適 ×
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