Carefully read the centrifuge instruction manual and the rotor instruction manual before using the rotor.

T4SS Swinging bucket rotor 

  • Max. speed 4,000 rpm
    Max. R.C.F. 2,900 × g
    Rotor nominal capacity 15 mL × 40 = 600 mL
    k factor 15,725
    Weight 4.2 kg

(1)Standard accessories

Part No. Name Q’ty
--- Bucket 4
84810601 Lubricate for Screw 1

(2)Optional accessories

Following round bucket and shield cap is also available for this rotor. Please refer to the rotor guide of T5SS swinging bucket rotor for its applicable tubes and adapters. However, the maximum speed of this rotor with the following bucket is limited to 4,000rpm.

Part No. Name Q’ty
S410523A T5SS Bucket 1 (4)
S410252A Shield Cap 1 (4)