Carefully read the centrifuge instruction manual and the rotor instruction manual before using the rotor.

T8H31 Horizontal rotor 

  • Max. speed 8,000 rpm
    Max. R.C.F. 7,100 × g
    Rotor nominal capacity ※Please inquire.
    k factor 0
    Weight 4.5 kg
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(1)Summary of tubes *1 *2

Tubes & Bottles & Microplates Adapter & Bucket Cap Maximum
Part No.
Material Net Vol.
Part No.
Material Number
of tubes
Part No.
--- Commercial item
PCR Plate
12.6×8.6×1.6 --- --- ---*3 --- --- --- --- 8,000 7,100 *4

*1:No plates come with the rotor. Please purchase your required tubes, microplates and adapters separately.

*2:Please refer to the brochure of each commercially available tube and/or microplates for its actual volume.

*3:“PCR Tube Rack” provided as the standard accessory is required.
Commercially available adhesive seal/film may be required. Please purchase them from the market.

*4:The indicated maximum R.C.F. value is based on the value of Rmax indicated in brackets. The actual maximum R.C.F. value of the tube may be different.

※When using commercially available tubes and/or microplates, perform centrifugations under the allowable speed or allowable RCF specified by their manufacturer. Otherwise, the tubes and/or microplates may be damaged during centrifugations.

(2)Standard accessories

Part No. Name Q’ty
--- PCR Tube Rack *1 4

*1:Please replace the tube rack, if cracks or white streaks appear on the tube rack. Please purchase following tube rack from the market for the replacement.

Name: 96-Well PCR Rack w/Lid
Part No.: 27-202G
Material: PP
Maker: Genesee Scientific Corporation

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