Carefully read the centrifuge instruction manual and the rotor instruction manual before using the rotor.

P50VT2 Vertical rotor 

  • Max. speed 50,000 rpm
    Max. R.C.F. 243,000 × g
    Rotor nominal capacity 40 mL × 8 = 320 mL
    k factor 36
    Weight 11.9 kg
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(1)Summary of tubes *1

Tubes & Bottles & Microplates Adapter & Bucket Cap Maximum
Part No.
Material Net Vol.
Part No.
Material Number
of tubes
Part No.
40 345321A
40PA Seal Tube
φ2.6×9.4 PP 39 --- --- --- --- S402525
E3 Space Cap
50,000 243,000

*1:No tubes come with the rotor. Please purchase your required tubes and applicable caps/adapters separately.

(2)Standard accessories

Part No. Name Q’ty
S406438A Handle 1
S402524 Cap Packing 16
216715 Rotor Stand 1
84810601 Lubricate for Screw 1
483719 Silicone Grease (Vacuum Grease) 1
S205074 Tool Box (C) 1
999494 Logbook of Rotor *1 1

*1:The logbook of rotor is not provided to the rotor with the RLM adapter.

(3)Optional accessories

To use 40PA Seal Tube, following optional accessories are required separately.

Part No. Name Q’ty
S304992B 40PA Seal Tube Kit (B) 1
345321A 40PA Seal Tube 2 (100)
S402525 E3 Space Cap 8
S407157 Tube Setter 1
90132502 Tube Sealer STF3 (200-240V) *1 1
S201778C Tube Rack (E) 1

*1:Tube Sealer STF3 (110-120V) is also available. (P/N : 90132501)