Carefully read the centrifuge instruction manual and the rotor instruction manual before using the rotor.

T15A63 Fixed angle rotor 

  • Max. speed 15,000 rpm
    Max. R.C.F. 21,500 × g *
    Rotor nominal capacity 0.2 mL × 32 = 6.4 mL
    k factor 158
    Weight 0.9 kg

    *This is the value of the corner tube cavity. The value of the center tube cavity is 20,100xg

 View of the size

(1)Summary of tubes *1 *2

Tubes & Bottles & Microplates Adapter & Bucket Cap Maximum
Part No.
Material Net Vol.
Part No.
Material Number
of tubes
Part No.
0.2 Commercial item
0.2mlPCR Tube
φ0.6×2.4 --- 0.2 --- --- --- --- --- 15,000 21,500 *3
Commercial item
0.2ml PCR Tube (8-tube strip)
--- --- 0.2 --- --- --- --- --- 15,000 21,500 *3

*1:No tubes come with the rotor. Please purchase your required tubes separately.

*2:Please refer to the brochure of each commercially available PCR tube for its actual volume.

*3:Corner tube cavity:21,500xg (Rmax:8.56cm), Center tube cavity:20,100xg (Rmax:7.98cm)

※When using commercially available tubes and/or bottles, perform centrifugations under the allowable speed or allowable RCF specified by their manufacturer. Otherwise, the tubes and/or bottles may be damaged during centrifugations.

(2)Optional accessories

Please use following parts to maintain the rotor.

Part No. Name Q’ty
483719 Silicone Grease (Vacuum Grease) 1
84810601 Lubricate for Screw 1
84521015 O-Ring 1AP22 1(5)
84522007 O-Ring CO-5411-GO(165) 1